My Moms Vegetable Garden (at a rented house)

Hey friends,

The past few days, I had spent some quality time at my parents house and it was so much fun! To be honest I had actually planed a different blog post with a video of course. However, the video clips had no sound, so I decided to refilm that and upload this blog post instead.

Since I was at my parents house, I thought I’d show you guys my moms vegetable garden. She started it about 5 months ago and it as been blossoming ever since! I was so impressed at the diversity. What impressed me most, is that my parents live in a rented house and because of that aren’t able to dig up the garden for gardening purposes. So my mom plants her veggies mostly in pots. And it works amazingly!

To give you guys a better idea, I filmed it for you guys. Feel free to watch and be inspired. I definitely am! I can already imagine myself harvesting my home grown tomatoes and cucumbers.

Next week will be a nicer and better planned video. I promise!

Wishing you the best day!




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