Table for two: the new cookbook

Table For two(5)

Hey friends,

For all those of you, who don’t follow me on my Instagram (you should 😉 @catchycravings) you might not know what exciting thing has happened! I came out with my new cookbook: Table for two!

A little backstory, a year ago I wanted to create a cookbook, that will be a go-to for you guys for delicious recipes. I wanted to include simple recipes that are fit for any night of the week and also more fancy ones for stay at home date nights or when you have friends over. It was also important for me to range the recipes from appetizer/snack to desert as well. And even wanted it to have a personal touch, by adding my family recipe for tiramisu. (It has been said by many to be THE BEST tiramisu they’ve tastes. I envisioned it to be THE cookbook you grab when looking for inspiration.

While creating the cookbook, life got in the way and it got put on hold for a year. So fast forward to now, I stumbled across the cookbook again deep in my external hard drive and I saw the many hour of work I put into the recipes and the cookbook in front of me. I felt it was to precious and too many hours invested into it, to let it hide in my many folders. So I really wanted to share it with you guys! I asked you on Instagram, whether you were interested in it (another reason to follow me on Instagram;)).  And SO many of you were dying to have it! So of course I immediately made some final edits and put it up for you guys to download!

Get the cookbook here!

It is for all who love to enjoy life and share it’s wonders with loved ones and is available in German and English! It has 13 different delicious recipes with fish, meat and vegan recipes and all are tailored for two persons. I also love the fact that the dishes are international: USA, Hungary, Mexico and Italy, so the recipes aren’t so one sided.

I really hope you guys enjoy it, and find inspiration in it! I, well the one-year-ago-me, poured her heart and soul into it. Let me know what you guys think. I am more than happy to hear your thoughts and wishes. Then I can incorporate them better into the next cookbook. This was so much fun for me to share, I will definitely be making more!


Thank you guys so much for your support!




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