Green Curry Pasta

Hey friends,

The day has come! Sooo many of you have commented under my posts on Instagram saying you want this recipe! And now, it is finally here. This is a delicious Asian tasting green curry with Italian pasta. Now hold up, I know you’re thinking: Wait a minute, these fusion dishes are usually weird and the opposite of “best-of-both-worlds”.

But let me tell you, when I created this dish for the first time, I as skeptical as well. But when I tried it… I ran to scramble down this recipe as quickly as possible and have made numerous times ever since! It really is: The best of both worlds!

Now I have made this recipe with spaghetti, penne and shell pasta, and my verdict is, it tastes best with spaghetti. I feel like the sauce is much better incorporated with the spaghetti and everything just tastes that much creamier! But to be honest, making it with spaghetti is the hardest. Because the Pasta is cooked IN the sauce, It needs to be covered in sauce. And our sauce only comes up so far. Now I know you could break the pasta in half, but that is a no-go for me when it comes to spaghetti. But if you are fine with it go ahead 😉 to be honest it would make the process easier!

*But instead my solution is to spoon the hot sauce onto the spaghetti until it becomes soft and fully fits into the sauce. It is extra work, but worth it for me 🙂 You do what you gotta do right? Okay, so now that that has been cleared up, let’s get on to the recipe.



IMG_3868-01-min.jpegserves 2-3



  • 1 yellow onion
  • 1 red belle pepper
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • hand full of spinach- frozen or fresh (optional)
  • 300g pasta
  • 400ml coconut milk
  • 400ml water
  • 2 tsp green curry paste (make sure it is vegan)
  • salt and pepper


  1. Slice the onion, carrots and belle pepper into thin slices. Finley minces the garlic.
  2. Carefully heat up some olive oil in a pot on medium heat. Add the onion and sautee until translucent. Then add the garlic and fry until fragrant. Then add the carrots, bell pepper and curry paste and fry for about 3-5 minutes. Make sure the paste is evenly dispersed.
  3. Deglaze with the coconut milk and water. Then add the pasta. (See * for how I cook spaghetti) Make sure to stir regularly so that it doesn’t burn. When the pasta is done or almost done, add the spinach or other leafy greens. Cook until the pasta is done. Serve hot.

I hope you guys like this highly requested recipe! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I wish you a lovely day!


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