Things you NEED in your freezer

Hey friends,

So last time I showed you guys 7 spices you must have in your pantry and today I want to dive into the freezer with you. I want to show you guys 5 things that I always have in my freezer. Things that I like to always have on hand to perfect my dishes. So let’s just dive straight in.

1. Frozen fruit (berries and fruit)

Frozen Fruit is always great to have on hand for breakfast or desert. You have probably heard a million times that frozen banana and berries are great for smoothies. But much more than that having frozen fruit is great for cooking porridge or baking. Also having frozen fruit just doesn’t spoil as fast as fresh fruit.

2. Frozen peas

I like to add frozen peas to pasta sauces or one pots to amp up the nutritional value. Especially when I feel like there is some protein in in the dish. It’s a super easy and fast way to make sure you aren’t missing out on vital proteins.

3. Frozen dark green

So by this I mean greens like broccoli, green beans brussel sprouts. I like to cook these in some plain water and then add some salt, pepper and olive oil and serve as a side dish to meals that lack in veggies. Mostly when I am making a pasta dish. I like using frozen veggies because it is an easy way to add greens to your meal, that means there is no real excuse to skimp out.

4. Frozen spinach

Frozen spinach is another great way to add more veggies into your dish. I especially like to add it to one pots or pasta sauces. It is so easy, just pour it in a few minutes before the dish is done, and voila!

5. Frozen herbs

Last but not least I like to always have some frozen herbs on hand to season my dishes with. Especially frozen basil. As I have said before, I am so bad at keeping fresh herbs, and the dried version (at least for basil) just doesn’t compare taste wise. So I like to use frozen herbs. Also if you have way too much fresh herbs you can also mince them and freeze for later use.

Are frozen goods better/healthier for you than fresh?

So there is this huge debate whether frozen goods are better or worse for you than fresh fruit. And I asked myself the same thing. So I researched a little and share the scientific studies with you guys in my video.

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