I tried being ZERO WASTE for a week

Hey friends,

So for those of you that know me or have followed me for a while know, that I like to be conscious about what I buy and what I surround myself with. One of the reasons is because I don’t want to be adding to the land fills unnecessarily. Everything we buy, one day becomes waste.

Now I’ve heard of zero waste quite a few times. You often see people giving speeches while holding a glass with all the waste they had produced in a year. “Wow impressive, but un-doable” I had always thought. Eventhough I liked the idea, it seemed very overwhelming. After a year, I finally decided to give zero waste a shot. Just for a week and just in my kitchen. As a fun experiment.

Zero waste is the the pursuit of conscious consumption with the goal of minimal to no waste. Along with this challenge I set myself some rules:

  1. challenge would go on for one week
  2. applies only to the kitchen and food related things
  3. organic waste is to be composted
  4. things I already owned (but weren’t zero waste) were allowed to be used

And let me tell you after this week, I had A LOT to say about this challenge!!

If you want to see what I ate and how I shopped for ingredients watch the video below.

If you just want to see my thoughts on this experiment you can skip to: 17:02 😉

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