Berlin Food Diary & Travel Guide

Hey guys,

My boyfriend and I made a trip to Berlin over the weekend. It started out quite messy and complicated, with our flight being canceled which shortened our trip by a day. But we made it in one piece and got so spend 2 full days there.

We decided to stay in Berlin Mitte, so we would be able to walk to the key sights and around the city center. We stayed at a hostel to save some money in order to afford the best location. The Hostel we stayed at was called Berlin Generator Hostel, which we would recommend. It was nice and modern and everything was nice and clean as far as we could tell. Definitely bring some earplugs, because it can get loud in the courtyard with the bar/club on the ground floor.

Day 1

If you guys have seen us travel, you will know breakfast for us is always nice and cheap and easy. We like to bring some soft steel cut oats, a bag of nuts and raisins and some cinnamon. We mix that at our destination with some water (the oats turn the water into something like watered down oat milk) and if we were able to visit a local supermarket, we add a banana.

On the first day, we wanted to visit the Pergamon Museum that showcases antiquity and artifacts of the middle east. To be honest I had super high expectations for this museum. I for some reason thought that it would be a mock up of an ancient middle eastern city. But none the less it was a nice museum. Maybe it’s because we had been to Oman before and seen all the culture first hand.

After the museum we originally wanted to do a picnic in the park, but the weather was so cold and windy, we decided to push that back. Instead we wanted try some typical Berlin food: Curry Wurst. Now we have had Curry Wurst before, but we wanted to see if the ones in Berlin were any different, and what the fuss was about. We went to this place called Berlin Mitte. Just because it was the best and nearest in walking distance. It was good. I had nothing to complain. But it wasn’t better or any different to other curry wursts I have hat. After the sausage I felt a little gross to be honest (maybe because I usually very rarely eat processed meat). So we bought a little salad at the grocery store to balance that out. It helped a little.

And because the weather was so weird, I had such a headache. So we though we would use our museum ticket from the morning (which was for all the museums on the museum island) and visit the Alte Nationalgallerie. It had so many beautiful paintings and was such a beautiful museum. Highly recommend!

After that it was time to meet up with a dear, beloved friend from school and catch up. We went to this AMAZING and DELICIOUS Vietnamese place called Umami. I had the Golden Poularde. It a delicous curry with sweet potato, pumpkin and duck. Highly recommend! But make sure to reserve ahead because there were so many people lining up to get a seat while we were having dinner.

Day 2

The next day we wondered around the city center and saw the Holocaust Memorial and the Sony Center before we decided to do our picnic in the park. We went to the supermarket and got some bread, baba ganoush (a eggplant with tahini spread), baby carrots and fruits. We sat down in the Tiergarten and enjoyed the nice weather.

After that we headed to the Brandenburger Gate to sketch it. I love to sketch when traveling just to remember the trip and the place. Kind of like super old school photography. I really forces me to acknowledge all the details. It’s not about making it pretty but being in the moment.

Just before dinner time, we went to the so called Karneval der Kulturen. We thought it would be this parade that celebrated all the different cultures, but it was pretty much like partying on the streets with lots of food trucks. But it looked fun and it was fin to watch the people partying.

For dinner we made ourselves on our way to the supposedly best burger place in Berlin called Burgermeister. I had a chili cheese burger with normal fries. It truly was amazing and most likely THE best burger place in town! I’d say, worth a visit.

And that rounds up our short but sweet time in Berlin! We had fun and hope to visit soon.

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