How I Journal |Brain Dump method

Hey friends,

Today I have a #thursdaychats for you. I really want to upload more frequently, so I thought I’d upload on Thursday in addition to my usual Monday upload. I called it #thursdaychats because I thought I’d chat to you about various topics that are important to me.

So last Monday I showed you guys my self care routine, how I de-stress and relax. And in that post, I also talked about journaling as one of the activities I do to relax and spend some time with myself. So today I thought I’d go into a little more detail about how I journal and what I think of it.

Back Story

So to give you a little back story, I would say I am someone why gets anxious and stressed easily about the insignificant issues. So often times I find myself with so many negative and toxic thoughts that cloud my mind. This then inhibits me from using my mind for important things to do in the moment, which then again adds to my stress. And in the beginning when I heard about this method of journaling I was quite skeptical to be honest.

Brain Dump

The “method” I like to use to journal is called “Brain Dump”. Basically what you do is, you spill out all of your thoughts onto paper, not worrying about how it sounds or if it’s grammatically correct. Just write out everything that is going through your mind. By doing you your mind thinks you have processed the problem or the thought and sets it aside for the moment. When before the journaling process my mind would be so noisy and cluttered, I’d find that after the brain dump, my mind is so quiet and it really is such a relief.


Another benefit I have seen is that I feel like this brain dump is also kind of a way to detoxify your brain. I have found my thoughts to be so much less negative in average with every entry I make.

I kind of feel like it is a cheaper form of therapy. (Obviously only for mild everyday stresses, not for serious mental health issues. Please do seek out a professional if you struggle with mental health issues) And it is so easy to do. Only takes a pen and paper and 5 minutes of your time.

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