How to Feel More Balanced and Relaxed


Hey friends,

This week I wanted to be more honest and talk to you about stress and feeling anxious. I have to admit that I am someone that feels stressed and anxious easily. And then I just have a bunch of thoughts whirling in my mind and I struggle to think straight.

So recently I wanted to implement some practices to help with feeling more relaxed and balanced and these practices have really helped. So I wanted to share them with all of you who struggle with anxiety and stress.

These are a few simple tips that have the goal of implementing self care. Self care for me is to step back from the business that is the norm today and to take care of your well being. For me it means to spend some time with yourself and with your thoughts. You need to ask yourself how you are and pause to take in the moment.

So the first thing I like to do is

1. listen to yourself

Take a moment and just listen. Nowadays there is so much noise and so many opinions that we are bombarded with, we really need to take a pause and listen to ourselves so we don’t get lost in the process.

So what I like to do first thing in the morning is to sit down with a cup of tea and to listen to some music. I feel like the music for me is not much of an input but rather an aid for my thoughts to flow. I simply let my thoughts arise and then go away, without thinking about them to intensely.

But you don’t need to do what I do. You can also go for a walk or just meditate in the moment. The key is to spent time without any input. Sometimes I’m positively surprised about the creative thoughts my mind has without all the noise.

2. Do what you love (in nature)

Again this one is about spending time with yourself and being present in the moment.

So what I love to do is to go out into nature and have a picnic. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love looking out onto the river I sit by and to notice the little things.

Again you don’t need to do exactly this, but something out in nature is recommended. Studies have shown that spending time in nature helps us heal and regenerate.

3. Journal

I highly recommend journaling! It has helped me calm my busy thoughts so much!

I don’t do anything super fancy, I just start writing anything that comes to mind. I don’t care about making it sound nice, I just translate everything I think onto paper. Personally this has been the biggest game changer when it comes to feeling anxious or stressed. It’s kind of like cheap therapy.

4. Facial massage

This last practice is something for your mind and your physical appearance, and that is to massage your face. It for one helps stimulate blood flow and drain the lymphatic system but it’s also just so relaxing and therapeutic. I find that I’m not stressing or thinking about other things when I am massaging and just focusing on the task at hand. If you want to know exactly how I do my facial massage, check out my video.

And that’s it. 4 things I like to do to de-stress and take care of my mental health. Let me know which was your favorite I’d love to hear what you do to relax.



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