How to motivate yourself NOW

Hey friends,

I just read the book “How not to give a fck” by Mark Manson which was recommended to me by my friend. And in there Mark talks about this very interesting concept about motivation. He challenges us to look at motivation from a different point of view and it is really interesting to me.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been implementing his concept without even realizing and it really does help me be more motivated.

A lot of the times we think of motivation coming from inspiration and leading to action, so something like this:

inspiration -> motivation -> action.

This is not a wrong perspective of motivation. However Mark says we should try to view it as this:

action -> inspiration -> motivation (-> action)

This way we’re not waiting around to be inspired, but instead we take matters into our own hands and just start. By saying: “I’m only going to lean one new chord on the guitar today.” We make the goal of the day small and achievable. This way we’re more likely to start. Once we’ve started, we get inspired and actually learn maybe two or three chords on the guitar. When we’ve come to learning those new chords, we might feel motivated to learn a new song using the new knowledge and this again leads to action.

Are you guys a huge procrastinator? Because I know I am! This is so helpful for me though. What are some of your ways to be or stay motivated. Let me know below.

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