Minimalism for Beginners

Hey friends,

If you are interested in minimalism or in becoming more minimalistic, this is the guide for you.

I brainstormed 5 ideas (+ a bonus tip) on how to easily implement minimalism right now. So lets just jump right into it.

1. Clear your Surfaces

A rule I like to follow is that everything should have a home and a place where it belongs. For one this makes tidying so much easier and faster. And this way you make sure you don’t buy extras and unnecessary things that will be lying and flying about.

Also having all the surfaces clear makes for a clear mind and a more calm state. It’s just all in all a win-win.

2. Work with what you already have

Commercials often tell us: “you need XYZ to be happy/ successful/ loved” and that is just not the case.

Often times we already have what we need.

For example I refilled an empty jar with some body lotion to use as a hand cream. Or I use an empty plant pot as a plant stand.

Working with what you already have forces you to be creative and use your head. Also it just saves money and space.

3. Pause before Purchacing

With that I encourage you to pause before actually buying something. Most of the time we get this excitement seeing a new product in the store and we have this feeling of NEEDING it.

But what I like to do then is to press pause on the purchase for a second. And to wait at least overnight or days or even weeks. Then I come back and re-access. Most often I don’t have the desire to have that product anymore. If I still do after careful consideration, I will buy it.

I can’t tell you how much money and clutter I’ve saved with this method.

4. One in- One out method

Another method I’m a fan of is the one in- one out method. With this you only buy things to replace an old item. So either you’ve used up your soap or tissues and need to restock or you need to replace something broken.

This way you are controlling the amount of items that are in your household.

But don’t use this method to revamp your home and to throw away things that are perfectly fine. That would be a waste of resources. If you really have something that you can’t stand and makes you unhappy, then maybe try to sell it instead. Once you’ve sold it, you can buy the replacement.

5. Don’t do Trends

Trends are dangerous because they come and go. Conscious or not, we are all somewhat influenced by trends. And because trends come and go, the likelihood of us not liking the trend once it’s gone is much higher. Suddenly leopard print is out and we hate our bag.

Personally I like to stick to classic silhouettes and colors. These are the items that I gravitate towards year after year.

BONUS: Invest in Experiences

When you do spend your money, try to invest it into experiences. Firstly it isn’t going to add your clutter. Secondly it’s also an investment into yourself and or into the relationships you have (if you are sharing the experience with someone).

How I like to think of it is that it is something that no one can take away from you and something that you will have with you for the rest of your life. It can broaden your horizon and enrich you life.

So that’s it. These were my 5 (or 6) tips on implementing a little more minimalism into your life. Let me know how you liked these ideas and leave me a like and share it with friends and family if you did.



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