How to Clean like a Minimalist

Hey friends,

So this week we’re sticking with the minimalist theme in the kitchen (I’m kind of making a little 3-part series out of it) and today we are talking about cleaning in the kitchen.

Cooking a super elaborate meal is something that I looove! But, (especially) when you don’t have a dish washer, cleaning is such a pain! That is why I have curated 3 simple but effective tips for you to keep your kitchen clean and I even talk about the BEST CLEANING PRODUCT EVER! (not sponsored) AND (it’s toxin free!!). I don’t think it gets better that this!

What is the result after hearing these easy tips? Your kitchen will always be spotless and the cleaning process will be much faster and easier! Who doesn’t want that? So here come the tips:

  1. tidy as you go
  2. keep as little as possible out on your counters (if you must, I have a tip on how to store it)
  3. you only really need ONE cleaning product

If you guys want to know how to execute these tips, watch the video below, where I go into detail on how you guys can enforces these tips straight away!

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