What I don’t buy/ own as a minimalist

Hey friends,

today I’m sharing with you things that I stopped owning or buying as a minimalist. Since adopting a more minimalistic mindset, it has mostly changed and challenged the way I view things that I buy and own. And I just noticed that some things are absolutely not worth it for me.

1. SALE items/ impulse buys

I’ve made it into a habit not to shop for fun. Because otherwise I would just see things that I love and find cute and be super tempted to buy it. Instead I only go shopping when I have a need for something. I go shopping with a specific item in mind and search strategically for that item.

And if I do see something that intrigues me, I put it on pause for a while and think about it for a few days, weeks or even months. I think whether I really need this one item, or if it’s just an impulse that will fade if I wait it out. Because impulse items never really lasts. It mostly takes a few months for me not to love it anymore.

2. Take out

I always make sure to plan food ahead as best I can. As catchy cravings motto says: Health is Home Made. Mostly food that you prepare and make yourself will be healthier and cheaper than its store bought counter part.

Also there is the added packaging that goes to waste when getting take out, that can be avoided. So I either prepare before hand or try to resist the urge.

3. Fast fashion/ trends

When I buy things I buy with the intention to keep and use it for the next 5-10 years. So I really think before buying.

And in my experience trendy things mostly just don’t make it past the 3 year mark. Instead I stick to classic silhouettes and colors. These are more likely things that I will love in the long run.

Also fast fashion is mostly produced in a more cheap manner with cheap materials. Often workers are also underpaid and exploited. As the name says, fast fashion is only intended to last for a season or two and then to be discarded and replaced with the latest trend. And this just isn’t what my minimalist mindset stands for.

4. Synthetic materials

Going along with the last point of higher quality, I mostly stay away from synthetic materials.

For one, I prefer natural fabrics on my skin just because we spend so much time in our clothes. Secondly, even if I intend to use a piece of clothing for a decade, it will end up in a land fill some day. And synthetic material is just plastic that is thrown away. And the less plastic that is produced and thrown away, the better.

5. Cleaning products

When it comes to cleaning products, I only use two. A toilet cleaner and a all purpose home made cleaner that is toxin free. If you want the recipe click here. It only has two ingredients and is easy to make.

Personally I think the large variety of cleaners is just a marketing ploy and not necessary.

6. Non-organic foods

As a household we switched to purchase organic wherever we can. At least the here in Europe the organic seal means it is produced without any harmful pesticide and raised in a healthier manner that is better for our health and our environment.

Also we try to prioritize foods with the fair trade seal or the MCS seal for seafood. It is just important to us to be responsible when it comes to the things we consume. With that we are also willing to pay more for quality. Personally I think we are too used to cheap prices, that just can’t have fair, sustainable and quality products.

7. Decor

All the decorative things in our home also serve a functional purpose. For example we like to decorate with plants, that also have the function of purifying the air. The only exception would be art hanging on the wall. But even that is not just some random poster that is bought from a decor store but art that is personal to us with a deeper meaning behind it.

Also we don’t really do seasonal decor like fall or Easter decor. The only exception would be Christmas. This is our favorite holiday and we again buy with the intention of keeping the item for the next few decades. So we are not buying cheap stuff at the dollar store that is replaced each year.

8. Salon services

Do like doing my nails and my hair. But I just don’t feel like going to the salon is worth it for me. When it comes to nails, I don’t have high demands. So I fee like buying a nail polish and doing it myself is more than enough for me. This way I save time and money by doing it myself.

When it comes to hair, I’ve actually been cutting my own hair now for the past 1,5 years. Even though I’m not good at it, it I know I’ll get better with time. Also I just think being able to cut my own hair is a great skill that you will need until your time on earth comes to an end. Also this way you can cut your family and friends hair. (At least, once you’re good at it)

9. Overbuy food

In my “how to shop like a minimalist” I talked about how to prepare properly and not waste time, money and food. But all in all the key is to be prepared. Be prepare with a list of what to buy and what you will be making in the coming days. Avoid buying things you don’t need that will most likely spoil.

10. One-use items

This one is simple. Everything from cups, to paper towels, to bottles that are only meant for one use and can be easily replaced with a reusable version I try to avoid. Just to save on money and again not to create so much waste.

So this is it. We are finally at the end of this very long list. Let me know what things you think I missed on this list and which one inspired you most.

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