How to Grocery Shop like a Minimalist

Hey guys,

So today I wanted to give you guys some tips on how to grocery shop like a minimalist. If your confused what that is, don’t worry I’ll explain.

If you decide to follow these tips I promise you will find yourself with: more time, more money & more health

We the goal is to apply the principles of minimalism to grocery shopping. So what are the principles of minimalism?

Minimalism is about buying/owning/doing only what you need or what truly makes you happy (and I mean happy in the long term sense). So it is also about spending your time and resources wisely and consciously.

So if we apply that to grocery shopping, we can come up with these three goals:

  1.  Buy only what you truly need (and I don’t mean only what you need to survive, but no unnecessary things, and that can be different for everyone)
  2. Manage the time grocery shopping wisely and efficiently 
  3. Minimize your waste in the kitchen

Furthermore I have some tips for you guys how to go about achieving these goals. I talk about this in detail in the video linked here:

Hope you guys love these tips on how to shop like minimalist. If you did, leave a like share it with friends and family. Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite tip was 😉



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