Minimal living- I live in a tiny apartment!


Hey guys,

For those of you who don’t know this yet, I live in a tiny home (more like a tiny room) on 193 sq.ft with my boyfriend. What?! Yes you heard right! Now you might have a ton of questions like: Why? How do you guys not get on each others nerves? What are some pros and cons etc.

So fist of all, I encourage you guys to watch the home tour to get a feel just how small the space is, and how we maximize the the space we have.

To the question why we live together in such a small space: So we always had thought about maybe living in a tiny home together in the future (not necessarily in those super tiny home that are on wheels, but in a home that is at least half the size of generic homes for a couple or family) We wanted to do this because we wanted to apply the aspects of minimalism to our home as well. That means not to have excess of things. And thus also of living space. We wanted to cut unnecessary costs, waste and land use. But before we just dive into this tiny living without any prior experience, we wanted to test it out. What better way than in a rented apartment. So we did.

How do we like it so far? For us, we are really happy that we did this! It helped us learn so much about us, and each other. We now know, what we need in an apartment. Even though we won’t be living in a tiny house in the future, we are up-sizing with intent and not just because it’s the thing to do. When we go apartment hunting in the future, we can say exactly what is important for us.

Pros of living in a tiny apartment is for one obviously the cost! We are saving SO.MUCH.MONEY living in a tiny space. Also we have really been able to get to know ourselves and each other. We came to respect each-others space and time more, and come to learn our own boundaries. Also we just appreciate space in homes so much more now that we don’t have much of it. Oh, and also beds, it is a luxury for us to sleep on a bed, instead of crawling up from the floor each morning.

Cons of living together are for one, that there is no space to you self. If we want to blow off steam, it’s either in the bathroom (the only “other room” in the apartment) or we take a walk by our selves. Also having such a tiny space, it feels like everything is always cluttered and messy. Just because two things lying around already takes up a large chunk of space. And something that surprised me is that tiny homes are easy and quick to clean, but they also get dirty sooo incredibly quickly!

And how do we not get on each others nerves? We respect each others space. And try to let the little stuff go. We have gotten to be so patient with each other and have grown so much together. But that doesn’t mean we don’t fight. We do. But it’s never toxic or incredibly often.

So this was my tiny home and my thoughts on it. How you guys found this helpful or interesting. If you did, give it a like and share it with a friend. And Subscribe for weekly updates.



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