Tiny Home- What I didn’t expect

Hey friends,

A few weeks ago I showed you guys our tiny apartment. So today I thought I’d talk to you about all the things I didn’t expect about living in such a tiny space. So get ready because I’m getting real and raw for you guys and spilling all the details.

getting along great.

I was really worried about not having personal space and because of that my boyfriend and I would fight a lot more. However we are lucky that our dynamic was right and we actually get along just as great as before. Disclaimer: I do think that your dynamic needs to be right to not go crazy together in such a small space, which would be so understandable.

What I have noticed, is that we tend to hash out our arguments so much quicker. Because there is no personal space, there is no where to storm to or hide. Instead there is nothing left to do but to talk it out and reconcile. Again, maybe not something that will work for everyone, but has been beneficial for us.

Also because the space is so tiny and there is no personal space. We have really learned to respect each others space and time and have just learned to be much more patient with one another. And I think this will set us up really well for our relationship in the future.

you get to know yourself better.

Living in such a tiny space is kind of like living on a tiny island with someone. You learn what is most important to you and what you can easily live without. For me, I realized noise within my work area is not a big deal to me, but I do prefer to have a separate work area to dining area.

you need to clean much more often.

I did expect cleaning to be much quicker and easier, just because there is less to clean. However I didn’t think that you would need to clean much more often. It seems like the smaller the space the more often you need to clean it. I guess the dust just spreads out more, so it doesn’t seem so dirty.

Also displacing one or two things just makes the whole place seem cluttered, just because there isn’t much free space anyways. For example when we have laundry drying in the apartment (because it’s raining outside), the whole place is filled with wet clothes.

all smells spread quickly.

No matter what smell it is, the toilet, shoes, perfume, fried fish. Every smell spreads so quickly across the whole home. Because of that frequent ventilation is very necessary. Also it limits my willingness to cook things with high heat and a lot of oil because I won’t be able to get that smell out of the bed and clothes for a week!

So these are the main things we didn’t expect about living in a tiny home. If you have any other questions about tiny living, leave them down below.

And until next week!



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