Foods I Eat Everyday


Hey friends,

Today I’m showing you guys what I eat everyday. But it’s not going to be a what I eat in a day. I have an entire video dedicated to “what I eat in a day“. Instead I’m showing you food groups I try to eat everyday to have a balanced and healthy diet. But, as you know, I’m all about balance as well. However quick disclaimer, I’m not a dietitian or doctor so please do your own research. The information I have I have gotten by reading various books or studies.


First thing in the morning I try to have some fruit with breakfast. Mostly I’ll have a banana with my oats. Then along the day I’ll try to snack on either an apple or some dried fruit for my two portions of fruit per day.


The next food group I try to have everyday are foods that are high in omega-3. omega-3 isn’t better than other omega fatty acids, but we need a balance. And since our diet mostly already entails high amounts of omega-6, it’s beneficial to pay more attention to the Omega-3 foods. So I like to add ground flax seeds and chia seeds to my porridge in the morning. Also when I cook some veggies as a side, I like to be generous with my virgin olive oil that is also full of omega-3.

Healthy Carbs

Carbs are the preferred source of energy for our body, so they are really important. But with carbs you should make sure that you are getting high quality carbs. By that I mean whole grain carbs like brown rice, oats, or even whole grain pasta or bread, is definitely better that its white counterpart. White bread or processed carbs spike our blood sugar and let is then dip quickly. In the long term this can be quite unhealthy.

Dark greens

Dark green veggies are another food group I make sure to eat enough of. Whether it’s mixing some spinach in my stew, or making a side of broccoli with my pasta or other dish with less veggies or adding it to my sandwich for that extra crunch. Dark greens are really healthy for their vitamins and minerals that are unique to their kind.


Especially when you’re vegan, you should make sure you get enough protein in your diet from plant based sources. For me that is Lentils, beans or even soy based products like tofu. But once again, you don’t need to over obsess. The overall rule is: 1g per body weight on pounds, 1g per body weight in kilograms.


Lastly I make sure to supplement things that I’m not getting enough of. Although I would say again, don’t over obsess. I do prefer getting my nutrients from my food naturally, however if you are for example vegan, you definitely need to supplement B12 vitamin, since it is pretty much only found in animal products. And is important for your blood production, nerves-system and more.

Also Calcium is often something vegans lack of. Calcium is also important for a healthy nerves-system and your bone and teeth health. But be careful with calcium, since there is such a thing as too much, so don’t just take a supplement just in case. Make sure you talk with your doctor about your calcium supply.

Hope you found this helpful and interesting. If you did, I’d love it if you give it a thumbs up and shared it with a friend, who might need this. You can see more of me on Instagram and Youtube 😉



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